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5 Simple & Effective Ways To Increase Your Energy Levels

Everyone is familiar with all-out energy drain, those exhausting days or nights when no matter how inviting watching a new movie, a fabulous sales spree, or a fun dinner with friends may be, we just can’t seem to psych ourselves up to it. But are you familiar with those general tired, sluggish, and sleepy feelings that don’t quite seem like an all-out energy drain? Symptoms that don’t quite seem to communicate to you that you are exhausted? Such as achy muscles, or just feeling rather slow. So what do you do when you notice these feelings? Is there anything you can do to improve your energy levels so you can avoid feeling tired all the time? The answer is, Yes. And in this blog, we will cover the five simplest and most effective ways to boost your energy levels.

So what are the ways to increase your energy levels? Below we have created a list of the top five most effective ways to boost your energy levels.

Disclaimer: This blog is a private opinion. Please make sure to seek your own advice to find out which health advice is best for you.

1. Nutritious Diet

– Avoid processed foods, refined foods and fast foods.

Food is enormously important to your health and has a significant impact on your energy levels. An unhealthy diet can make you feel drained and listless. Having high energy levels helps you stay strong, healthy and prevents illness. To achieve this, your diet must contain unrefined carbohydrates, proteins, fats from fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy oils to sustain high energy levels. More greens and more fruits means more energy.

By eating a nutritious diet we can improve our heart and brain health, prevent leaky gut, create a healthy sleep pattern, and increase the presence of “good” bacteria in your gut.

  • A nutritious diet improves heart and brain health, using nutrient-rich foods that nourish you and strengthen your immune system.
  • The gut is usually overlooked. What people don’t realize is that it plays a huge part in our overall energy levels and mood because the gut regulates serotonin levels and other important hormones. So make sure to add these healthy foods to your diet; olive oil, fish and vegetables are hugely beneficial.
  • Healthy eating encourages a healthy sleep pattern. Your sleeping patterns will improve within a few weeks of eating a consistently healthy diet.

Overall a well-balanced, healthy diet feeds your cells’ needs, and protects your body against diseases. This does NOT mean you have to limit yourself to ONLY vegetables. So let’s take a look and see what food you should eat to stay healthy, what are the top 10 foods to eat for a healthy diet.

2. Stay Active

– it’s as simple as walking, swimming or bike riding.

The addition of physical activity to your daily routine can reduce fatigue and increase your energy levels. Exercise can lead to better dopamine levels which can lift your mood. Choose an activity you enjoy; a work-out or a walk after a day’s work can help relieve stress. Plus doing regular exercise will also lead to better quality sleep.

which can lead to chronic inflammation, infections and other illnesses. So ensuring you are doing regular physical activity has a large role to play in keeping you healthy, preventing illness by boosting your immune system.

You can start with something as simple as walking, swimming or bike riding.

3. Get Enough Sleep

– Regular quality sleep is important.

Most people take sleep for granted. A regular sleep pattern is as important to our well-being as healthy eating and fluid intake. It affects our whole body as sleep is nature’s way of rebooting our system, repairing our bodies while we’re busy dreaming. Just eating right isn’t enough. Ensuring a regular and consistent sleep pattern is essential if we’re to maintain a healthy body and mind.

The impact of sleep deprivation has been shown to have an impact on our entire being, sleep is essential to sustain the complexities of our human body. The general recommendation is that seven hours is a good aim.

4. Meditation

– Creating a mentally quiet space for you.

Meditation has been practised for centuries as a means of mental cleansing and self-awareness. Modern life is hectic and can be overwhelming, meditation can help to centre your thoughts and seek a calmness which enables a deeper understanding of life and an ability to cope with it. With regular use, meditation in yoga has the potential to lead to a greater awareness of the self, an ability to focus with a better attention span and has been shown to increase the blood flow to the brain. Simply put, it is a mental safety net in which to refresh and rejuvenate leading to an improved overall well-being.

5. Hydration

– Drink enough water throughout the day.

Have you ever found yourself feeling exhausted and irritable for no real reason? The effects of dehydration can show up with as little as 2% below your required levels. A study on otherwise healthy women in their 20s showed a marked difference in their mood and vitality when they were not meeting their fluid requirements. 

So instead of grabbing that coffee, grab some mineral water. There’s an easy way to remember how much you should be drinking; take your weight in pounds, halve it and convert it into ounces. If you’re 160 pounds, you’ll need 80 ounces.

Remember to increase this when exercising or in hot weather.

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